Digital Assets & Blockchain Advisory

Nothing has disrupted our lives more than Internet. And one of the biggest more recent disruptions has been in the financial industry.

While alternative banking first began with PayPal, the development of financial technology (fintech) has been steady, albeit gradual, ever since.

The need for consumers to be more in control of their own financial services, along with their growing faith in technology, created the “perfect storm” for fintech, especially the use of big data in the Investment Management business.

Wealth managers & Banks face an increasing regulatory burden, which incurred important compliance costs. Demand for higher transparency and changing client needs have put pressure on fees. This trend was enhanced by the new competition arising from fintechs.

Bucephal Digital brings clarity to the often confusing topics of blockchain, Bitcoin, smart contracts, crypto-currencies and related innovations. Helping clients by providing actionable advice on how these innovations will add value to their business now, and in the years to come.


Private Banks

Rich clients love digital. Not just “Generation Y” upstarts and business entrepreneurs, but also the over-50s who have parked their assets in traditional private banks for years. But the private banking industry is still in the Stone Age in terms of digitalisation. They should think and move forward quick.

Wealth Managers

For many independent wealth managers, investing in digital assets has been a step too far, most of them are sceptical. At present, digital assets are unfamiliar territory for everyone, and while global regulators are still at odds over regulation, managers are right to be cautious.

Crypto Funds

Hedge funds started to show interest in new asset class that might provide the big returns their clients pay them to produce with a low correlation to markets: bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. But Digital Assets strategies and traditional markets shouldn’t be addressed the same way.

Family Offices

It comes as no surprise Family Offices are fed up with VCs and traditional Fund models with their 20% carry, their risky investing strategy where they hope one in ten investments come good. FO now set up new Blockchain front desks hiring in some crypto geeks and technologists.


We offer a flexible cost-effective range of services that specifically meet your business’ needs. Many clients are looking for digital consultancy and advice on how to implement blockchain. To achieve this we offer a range of service models.


educational sessions


digital assets portfolio construction


ranging from 1 to 3 months


options available on request

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