Today, an estimated 85% of trading in the US stock market is driven by algorithms. While the cryptocurrency market is much newer than the traditional equity market, cryptos can be traded on online exchanges — most of which offer the ability to place orders via an API, allowing for algorithmic trading.

We have created one of the first investment vehicle in the cryptocurrencies asset class for our Qualified Investors. Our strategy doesn’t passively follow and replicate BTC Index. We actively invest trough a basket of cryptocurrencies trough a mix proprietary and external of sub-strategies.

Our goal is to take advantage of the volatility of the asset class with the permanent target of reducing drawdowns thanks our portfolio allocation (Market Neutral & Directional).

We have detected a change in market conditions over the past 12 months. We have therefore decided to adopt a more cautious approach in our strategy by integrating a significant part of our capital in non-directional sub-strategies. Coupled with our historical quantitative models, our allocation allows us to deliver a solid return on investment while protecting our investors from violent market movements.


Asset Allocation Optimization

We have invested a lot of time in the development of our algorithms, mathematical models as well as our trading tools which give us the ability to execute our investments in the most efficient possible way. We keep investing massively in research, infrastructure and security.

Our algorithms are designed to optimize capital allocation and maximize performance by detecting both short and long-term patterns. They learn to adjust trading decisions accordingly and continuously learn from previous trades.

We also use our tools to optimize the global portfolio allocation.


Data Driven

There is a large amount of data to analyze when it comes to trade digital assets and an important part of our process consists in selecting the categories of information that we deem useful so that our algorithms can detect opportunities.


Automated 24/7 trading system with long & short indicators. The system never stops trading with a medium frequency path. Bucephal is not limited to long exposures and is able to seize falling market opportunities.


A robust multi-layered analysis is the basis for any successful investment strategy. In order to get the largest number of profitable trades, we believe that a combination models and strategies will outperform a single-layer strategy. This is why we combine discretionary sub-strategies to our quant ones.

Risk Management

We have chosen to put risk control at the centre of our concerns. Our DNA as traditional asset managers obliges us to constantly seek to reduce capital loss. We prefer to earn less while risking less.


To gain a deeper understanding of the role that Bucephal might play in a portfolio, we conducted a series of simulations and analysed the impact that different sized allocations could have on the performance and risk profile of traditional investments. Our analysis revealed that even small allocations to Bucephal can significantly enhance an adjusted risk/return profile for traditional portfolios (hypothetical 60% Equity / 40% Fixed Income).


If you are a Professional Investor you can participate from our innovative trading strategy through our Actively Managed Certificate or Managed Accounts Program.

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